Raushan Bharat Solar Energy Consultancy and Training Center, Basti, Uttar Pradesh is the authorised training center of INSTITUTE OF SOLAR TECHNOLOGY.

Raushan Bharat Solar Energy Consultancy and Training Center was founded with a belief that there was a need for a specialist technical consulting firm bridging the gap between technology, industry and end customers. From very begining to setting up a utility-scale solar PV power plant requires tremendous amount of skilful coordination between various technology, design, engineering, installation and managerial elements.

We have been focused on building a world-class multi-disciplinary team capable of understanding client requirements globally and translating them into project deliverables. We envisage a future driven mainly by clean and renewable energy, predominantly solar.

Our training and continuous improvement initiatives help us cut down our time to deliver. We are putting in place world-class people, systems and processes to help us meet the challenges of a new world.

We offer careers in three streams - start-up entrepreneurs, corporate, and engineering. We look for bright, qualified, fresh or experienced, enthusiastic people who have initiative, passion and energy to achieve success.

Atfer training, students can join with our project as internship (with paid/with out paid option) as per assessment result. IST providing business support for startup entrepreneurs and job support for job seekers after training. Visit IST Alumni - Entrepreneurs Directory - My PV Directory

Our team is highly experienced, qualified, capable and passionate multi-disciplinary professionals.

IST Basti - Trainer Team






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